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Reality TV - Directing Live Drama


With Jamie Langton

Our spring 2015 workshop has been postponed; be date to be announced soon. If you want to be notified when the next Reality TV workshop will take place place please email us at the office.


Reality shows are a different beast from any other kind of directing, you are effectively following drama live and you have no control over the subject matter. So for example, with a hotel full of residents who perhaps don’t want to be filmed amongst dozens of rooms, or maybe a School filled with over 300 loud teenage students, where do you start to look for the story?

It means you as a director need to be confident in yourself, those around you and being able to think quickly in how to get the best of what’s happening in front of you. There is no time to question, you need to work out the best camera angles, sound, story line whilst dealing with a TV production team all shouting at you as to what story they need to follow.

This course will highlight several aspects of multi camera directing basics, from live BBC Watchdog shows to reality to see how the different disciplines work.


The course will apply to those looking for the right tools to get started in multi camera documentary programme making, or, those wanting clarification on what it takes to capture the moment or simply what it takes to make reality TV.  Perhaps you may already be working for a broadcaster or production company, the overall aim is to give you a heads up in how these shows are made, build confidence and learn what it takes to make them. 

This workshop will also be of appeal to anyone wishing to go down a factual based documentary route. Whilst this is aimed at explaining how you capture reality TV using many cameras from a distance, the principals of how you achieve that will also apply to single camera ‘front line’ factual and documentary programme making. For example, working with contributors, getting the best from them, working with a crew, using more than one camera etc, identifying when someone is out of their depth – either in front or behind the camera! Rig shows can record non-stop for hours, days etc thus increasing the chances of capturing something, but they have the luxury of logs – shooting single camera does not have that so how can you focus on that? The tutor's experience of a daily diary on 'The Garage' can help narrow that down.


Jamie Langton is a well established single and multi camera producer and director of over 1300 hours of primetime broadcast programmes working for UK, European and American TV Channels. Past shows he’s directed on some of the UK’s iconic TV shows including, 'The Big Breakfast', 'Blind Date', 'Wish You Were Here', 'Top Gear', 'Watchdog', 'Richard and Judy' and even 'Top of The Pops'. But with an ever changing industry and programme formats Jamie feels keeping one step ahead and being adaptable is what helps make a good director. So more recent projects include 'Come Dine with Me', 'The One Show', 'Educating Essex', 'The Hotel', 'How Do They Do It', 'The Family' and 'Hell’s Kitchen'. And with anything up to 65 cameras to direct, you need to be adaptable. Reality shows are big business and make up for a lot of air time, in particular Channel 4.

Many of his programmes have received or have been nominated for BAFTA, RTS or Broadcast Awards. These have been across a range of programme formats. In addition to reality TV documentary directing, Jamie has also series produced and directed hours of single camera fly on the wall (cinema verite style) documentaries such as ‘The Garage’ (Discovery) 'Moving Day' (ITV), 'UK’s Toughest Jobs' (Discovery) and 'First Edition' (ITV).
Jamie Langton photo 

 Jamie’s experience stretches over 25 years but always on the lookout for new ideas and ways to make TV differently, writing formats for all genres and creative briefs. More recently Jamie now directs commercials where budgets are high as to are the production values. He has considerable multi and single camera directing experience across live and pre-recorded programmes, in particular formatted shows. Crucial to the directors roll is the managing of talent and contributors and getting the best from everyone involved. He prides himself in his strong professional approach to his work and always ensures everyone involved, at all levels, in a project understands what's going on, and feels at ease with what they are doing.

Jamie now also runs regular director courses and has tutored both single and multi camera director courses for The BBC Academy, NFTS and the University of Westminster to pass on the skills he has learned and that he know work.

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